Hi I’m Sharon, I have been in the property industry for the past 12 years. During this time I have bought, sold, managed and styled many holiday apartments and homes for my partner and myself, as well as others.

I have studied both interior design and home staging, and I also hold a current Real Estate Agents licence, however I do not practice as a selling agent. 

I am passionate about all things property. I’ve founded this business to combine my passions of property, styling and renovations. I love helping people to achieve their dreams and enhance their property's look, and ultimately their property's value. 

I have lived in Merimbula for the past 20 years, so I have a strong grasp of the property market and ultimately what a buyer is looking for in this area. 

I am organised, energetic, have an eye for colour and detail, and I love to see any home looking its best. 

My passion for styling came about at a young age. Growing up in a hoarding home, I was forever re-arranging my room, trying to make it look beautiful, functional and uncluttered, using only what I had.

When I was 15 my Dad was painting the house and never seemed to get around to  my room. I finally convinced him to let me do it myself. So with paintbrush and roller in hand,  my passion for decorating began......Yes, there were many runs on the door with the white, glossy enamel paint. The cutting in wasn't all that great either!! But that was no deterrant to me. I just knew  that I always wanted everything to look clean, neat and fresh. My painting has impoved ten fold since then i can assure you!