Home Staging
Why stage your home ready for sale?
* Gives a favourable first impression
* Improves the sale price of your property with less time on the market
* Market statistics show that a staged property will sell 30-50% faster than an unstaged property
* Increases the likelihood of a sale
* Gives the impression of a well maintained home
* Can gain a higher rental income on an investment property
* Appeals to a wider range of buyers
* Your online photos will stand out
* Can make the home appear larger
* They also show that a staged home will sell for 7-17% more than an unstaged property
* Helps buyers see themselves in the home
* Puts your house above the competition

<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Home Staging Consultation</span></p>

Home Staging Consultation

Price: $250
This is a very detailed discussion, advice and review of what needs to be done to the property before listing it. It includes a walk through of your property along with recommendations of furniture placement. The aim is to ensure that your home sells for the best possible price and as quickly as possible.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Partial Staging</span>
Partial Staging
Price: On application
If you will be living in the home whilst it is on the market.

We use your own larger pieces of furniture.

We then bring in some smaller pieces of furniture & accessories for you to hire over the course of the sale campaign. Consulation is free 

<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">Full Staging</span></p>

Full Staging

Price: On application
We supply it all and do it all for you.

Sometimes, not every room may need to be staged.

Hire is based on a 6 week sales campaign. When paying for vacant staging a consultation is free.